**Blog Policy**

Review Policy
I create this blog to post all my favorite things and Designers from Second Life also to help others players to create a awesome fashion look.
I like to take time to make a post..But I need your help ..please send reviews with time so I can prepare a good post for your Item.
I blog because I love it <3 .. I dont depend only on sponsors.. If I like.. I buy… If I buy I post..If I post others see all awesome creations of SL Designers and BUY! <3
Want me to review your items?.. I will gladly accept it.
But please before sending Items please send me a NC with your name, store name,
and any other information needed to know about the item like Links, Name of Event & Price.
I always try to post fast the new items. Please do understand that all blogger inventory could be messy at times and so I can not guarantee that we will look at your items and blog it right away, I will try my best to have it done!.

I reserve the right to blog the things I like and that fits my style.

If you have any questions related to review copies please do not hesitate to contact me inworld. Please send a notecard to Bri4nn4 Resident.

(clothing templates)
I Know that not everyone is a Mesh Creator
I do have a few policies regarding the use of templates for review items.
It is okay to send me review copies of your items if you used a mesh template.
But I absolutely will NOT blog them if the template was a free one.
This isn’t because I think they look bad, it’s more to do with the fact that if a template is free.
If You buy a Cheap Mesh Template and you can’t use your
creativity on make that template particular.. I won’t post it.
(Items On Multiple Events)
I won’t (reblog) repeat a same Item cuz is a diferent Fashion Events.
I won’t post shoes, ears or anything with the SL old huds of changing colors. I give my followers a update Trend of Fashion.
If you have any questions regarding these policies, don’t hesitate to send an IM to myself.
Bless! Best regards,
Bri4nn4 Resident

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