Thursday, April 7, 2016

Catwa Updates & Upgrades

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Mesh Updates:
-Added mesh inner eye corners Lacrimal, can be tinted/shown/hidden using Hair.Teeth.Neck HUD
-Ears changed
Animations Updates:
-All animations were re-modeled from scratch, they are all not the same from the old HUD.
-All Heads still has 9 animations, some of them are changed.
HUDs Updates:
-Environment slider removed from main HUD
-RGB numbers should now change while choosing color from tint pickr
-Delete scripts button on animations HUD basic tab
-Basic tab on animations HUD will have the same features that was on the old main hud animations tab
-Some more buttons on the animations HUD with [?] sign beside each that explains what it does exactly
Other Updates:
-Eyes AO, now it should not break when using poses or while dancing, once its switched on it will be on until switched off.
-Mesh eyes added to the pack
-Lipstick Secular is fixed
-Upgrade tab on the animations HUD will be inactive by default, can be activated buy purchasing an Activator Upgrade Add-On [For OPTIONAL extra 280 Mix & match animations]
-Only when getting the add-on, you can save your 18 favorite upper and lower animations as a preset on animations HUD Upgrade tab

>> How to Use The Activator Upgrade<<
UnLock Animation Hud
Sarah Animation HUD 
Sarah HUD
Videos Of each Catwa Heads Animation

Jessica Animations HUD

Gwen Animations

Annie Human Animations

Annie Vampire Animations

Sarah Animations

Jackson Animations

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