Monday, September 1, 2014

The Gamer

The Gamer

Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Freya NEW!!@Uber
Lip Makeup - Pink Acid - @Fi*Friday
Hoodie (LT. LD. LM.)  - [Cynful] -Spring Hoodie NEW!!Soon!!@TBS
Top (LT. LD. TM.) - .So-Hai. Fish Tank NEW!!@Swag Fest
Shorts (PA. CA. WM.) - .Biddy.  - Micro Shorts NEW!!@Suicide Dollz
Bag - :::LP::: Gamer_Bag  - [Black] RARE NEW!!@Arcade
Game - :::LP::: Primi_Gear Handheld - SECRET [Gold] RARE NEW!!@Arcade
Socks - CandyDoll -Twist Socks NEW!!@Uber
Shoes - FLite.-Outsiders - Studded Red - RARE NEW!!@Arcade


PA. - Phat Azz
CA. - Cute Azz
MP - Mesh Proyect (TheShop's Body Mesh)
WM. - WowMeh Body Mesh
SP. - Slink Physique Body Mesh
LT. - Lolas Tango
LD. - Lolas Delicq
TM. - Tango Mirage
LM. - Loud Mouth
SvH - Slink Visage Mesh Head
MPH - Mesh Proyect Head Mesh
SHds- Slink Hands
SFt- Slink Feet
SH/F- Slink Hands & Feet
SHF. - Slink High Feet
SMF. - Slink Mid. Feet
SFF. - Slink Flat Feet

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  1. Love it..thanks for posting this..can't wait to get into Arcade!