Friday, August 29, 2014

Who F... with me F... with the best ...

Who F... with me F... with the best

Hair - MOON{Hair}. Insect Religion NEW!!@Swag Fest
Eyeliner - MOON}. Obsession Eyeliner
Tattoo - HIATUS - Hover
Jacket - [Cynful] Dime Piece Sweatshirt NEW!!@Swag Fest
Snapback - LUXE. - Snapback NEW!!@Swag Fest
Leggings ( PA. CA. WM. Sft. )- [LDP]  Leggings Fatpack NEW!!@King And Queen Fair September 1th  
Heels (SHF) - REIGN. - Parlay Heels- Black
Jewelry - RYCA


(Complete Avatar) - LUXE - WS4Pose5 Curvy NEW!!@Swag Fest

(Close up Back) - LUXE - WS3Pose2 Curvy NEW!!@Swag Fest

(Close up Front) - LUXE - WS4Pose2 Curvy NEW!!@Swag Fest


PA. - Phat Azz
CA. - Cute Azz
MP - Mesh Proyect (TheShop's Body Mesh)
WM. - WowMeh Body Mesh
SP. - Slink Physique Body Mesh
LT. - Lolas Tango
LD. - Lolas Delicq
TM. - Tango Mirage
LM. - Loud Mouth
SvH - Slink Visage Mesh Head
MPH - Mesh Proyect Head Mesh
SHds- Slink Hands
SFt- Slink Feet
SH/F- Slink Hands & Feet
SHF. - Slink High Feet
SMF. - Slink Mid. Feet
SFF. - Slink Flat Feet

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